Summer Season in Swing

June 21, 2010- Southern California Collegiate Baseball Association’s teams have began conference play, and several have jumped to early leads in the standings.
The Palm Springs POWER is currently sitting in first place in the league with a 7-0 conference record and 11-1 record overall. They swept the Trombly Thunder and the East L.A. Dodgers in conference games. This week they will face the East L.A. Dodgers and the LA Thrashers each in single game competitions. 
The POWER will move on to face the SoCal Cardinals this weekend. They are the only other undefeated team in conference play. The Cardinals are in second place in league play with a 5-0 conference record, and a 10-3 mark overall.
The OC Pioneers are hitting their stride with a 4-2 record in conference play. After dropping two games to the East L.A. Dodgers, they rallied to win their last game against the Dodgers 3-1. The East L.A. Dodgers are in 4th place in the conference and have a 2-5 record.
The LA Thrashers and the Trombly Thunder are currently winless in conference play. The Thrashers have one non-conference win, and are at a 1-8 mark overall. The Thunder have dropped all 6 of their conference games, but are looking to improve.
SCCBA play will continue until the end of July, where the season will be wrapped up with three days of playoff games and a All-Star Game and Home Run Derby on Saturday, July 24th.

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