Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Southern California Collegiate Baseball League (SCCBL)?

A. The SCCBL is a 5-team, summer collegiate league based out of Palm Springs, California. It is the premier place for elite collegiate baseball athletes to come and work with top coaches as they hone their skills in anticipation of next season.

Q. When does the SCCBL season begin?

A. The SCCBL season starts around the beginning of June and ends in late July. The SCCBL regular season is followed by the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, as well as the League Championship Series.

Q. What teams play in the SCCBL?

A. The SCCBL consists of the Palm Springs POWER, Inland Valley Buccaneers, San Diego Force, So Cal Bombers, and Arroyo Seco Sentinel.

Q. How many league games does each team play?

A. Each team plays the four other league teams four times, for a total of 16 SCCBL match-ups.


Q. How can I listen to SCCBL games if I can’t make it to the ballpark?

A. To listen to SCBBL games, go to the SCCBL website and click “Listen Live.” Our league broadcasters are constantly traveling around Southern California to bring you the best matchups our league has to offer! In addition to listening live, all broadcasts are archived online and available on-demand.

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